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Neighborhood Center

Our mission is to provide an educational, cultural, social and recreational "safe haven" opportunity for the diverse, ethnic population of Hartford, Connecticut and its surrounding communities. 

Our Programs

We offer the following program services through collaboration and cooperation, and provide quality experiences, activities for youth, adults, and the elderly.

Camp Hi Hoti

is a summer day camp for everyone from ages six to thirteen! The up to eight week adventure full of academic enrichment, arts, crafts, dance, field trips, games, environmental learning, recreational swimming, science activities, and sports. 


School Readiness

is a pre-school training program for ages three to five. Daily activities include enclosed playscape, computer awareness games, arts education, dance program, health and hygiene, community safety, and daily age appropriate curriculum based preschool instruction.

Food Pantry

You may only receive food once every 45 days. Please call or email Evelyn between 9:30am to 1:00pm on Monday through Friday. Email her at , or phone her at (860) 251-6517

Workforce Development

This program will providse instruction in professional skills such as business writing, public speaking, interviewing, personal financial responsibility, work ethics and other skills with an emphasis on computer proficiency necessary for reentering today's workforce.​ 

HNC Miles Stones

Founded in 1872

Mrs. Samuel Colt, Mrs. Sidney Cowen, Mrs. Henry Robinson, Ms. A.P. Hyde, Ms. Elizabeth Lee Sluyter, and others.  (129 and 131 Market Street)

1894: Founding of the Hartford Social Settlement

1904: North Street Settlement and the Visiting Nurse Association began Fresh Air Camp on Trout Brook later to become Camp Courant.

1906:College Club of Women began the Spruce Street Settlement, later to become HNC’s Mitchell House.  (38 Lawrence Street) Named in honor of Mrs. Valentine Mitchell

1911: The Union for Home Work began Camping Program at the Almada Lodge in Andover, later used for Times Farm and today’s Channel 3 Camp.

1924: The Union for Home Work, The Hartford Social Settlement and the Spruce Street Settlement assist in creating the Community Chest now United Way of the Capital Area.

1944: The College Club of Hartford purchases land in Andover/Hebron and names it Camp Hi Hoti.

 1956: Union Settlement/North End Community Centers and Mitchell House combine to form Hartford Neighborhood Centers, Inc.


Our Staff

Cora Mercer
Cora MercerExecutive Director
Kristin Berry
Kristin BerrySchool Readiness Administrator
Evelyn Hernandez
Evelyn HernandezExecutive Assistant
Gerald Fullwood
Gerald FullwoodComputer Training Manager
HNC Board

Ralph Knighton
Board President
Abraham Ford Jr.
Board Vice President
Ron Wenzel
Board Secretary
Geraldine Forte
Board Treasurer
Calvin Morgan
Diana Franklin
Glenn Chester
Madeline Rodriquez
Nilda Fernandez
Madeline Strong (Volunteer)

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