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The enduring thrust of the agency's programs has been to work with residents to make the neighborhoods in wich it operates more livable, to promote community, and to help those residents gain the social and other practical skills needed to function effectively in the workplace and in the larger society. It has sought to be responsive to the needs of all members of the communities it has served: children, adolescents, young people not quite ready for the job market, parents raising families, the elderly, the blind and otherwise handicapped.

The agency presently serves an average of 80-85 youth daily per inner city site, and approximately 1200 people per year in combined agency programs.


It is relatively easy to compile statistics on the number of people who participate in each of the various programs offered. It is much harder to access the difference that the presence of HNC and its programs has made in the neighborhoods in which it has operated, or in the lives of individuals who have lived in those neighborhoods. Perhaps the most compelling testimony to the value of the agency is presented by former "clients" who come back as volunteers to help with the ongoing work of the organization in responding to a never ending need for the support it offers to those who seek to overcome adverse circumstances and improve their lives and, ultimately, their communities and the larger society.

Hartford Neighborhood Centers, Inc. is a member of the United Neighborhood Centers of America and the American Camping Association.

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