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Basic Human Needs

Did You Know…

10% of the United States population, or 26 million people, rely on private charitable emergency food programs. 10% of the Greater Hartford population, or 100,000 people, rely on this assistance. 40% of the people who visit local food pantries and community kitchens are children. 10% of our senior citizens are unable to meet their basic food needs. 27% of the households that need food assistance have at least one employed adult. 75% of those receiving emergency food assistance have incomes below the federal poverty level. A big thank you to Foodshare in Windsor, CT for their part in helping HNC fight hunger!


Thank you to Seiger Gfeller Laurie, LLP for your food donation November 17, 2015. We are grateful that you chosen Hartford Neighborhood Centers, Inc. "Mitchell House. 

Crump Life Insurance thank you for renovating, remolding, expanding our food pantry. Your donations of food  personal items.shelving, painting will help the agency to increase its services to the families that we serve. The cost of your service to Hartford Neighborhood Centers $6,000.00 Wow!!! June 2015


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